What Does Foley Add to the Story?

A complete Foley track consists of character’s footsteps, cloth movements and any prop or object the character may use within a scene. Foley is added to enhance the production audio track and, in the case where ADR is needed, replaces any sounds the character makes. This gives the audience and story a sense of realism and can also enhance the characters’s personality.

We had the honor to work with director John Landis on a series of comedy sketches for JibJab. John wanted real-world sounds and some exaggerated sounds to enhance the funny stories. We were sent edited picture with location sound and had remote spotting sessions with John to go over what he wanted.

Below is an excerpt of the picture edit and production sound. Give it a listen –

We performed Foley passes for the following elements:

  • Guard key movement
  • All character footsteps
  • All character cloth movements
  • Guard baton on steel jail bars
  • Guard baton movement
  • Prisoner baton hits
  • Gun Foley
  • Body falls

Check out the Final Mix with music, sound effects and Foley –

Jib Jab The Great Sketch Experiment
Play Video about Jib Jab The Great Sketch Experiment