What We Do

Sound Effects Design and Editorial

We have created and curated an extensive sound effects library over the years that currently resides on many terabytes of hard-drive space. We custom-design new sounds specifically for each and every project we work on because when we hear the same library sounds used again and again on television and in movies, it makes us sad. We strive to make each project sound unique and serve the story.

In the photo on the right, we are getting ready to deploy the NewNoise RSRV2000 (Remote Sound Recovery Vehicle) to collect new sounds from the field.

Foley Recording and Editorial

We provide both live, traditionally recorded foley and digital foley (foley elements performed to picture using digital samples). Both methods give your project the natural feel of human performance.

A solid foley track gives the characters in your story real-world presence and personality – things sometimes lost in on-set recordings and when ADR is necessary.

Our Foley Room looks like a garage sale gone berserk – with tons of sound-making objects and props.

Dialogue Recording and Editorial

We assemble, clean up, and synchronize your production recordings, and record and edit any ADR (if necessary) to create a seamless dialogue track.  We add any vocalizations such as chewing, efforts, and grunts to fill out the dialogue track.

Dialogue is King! The most important element of your story. If the audience can’t understand the dialogue in your story, no awesome sound effects or music will fix it.

Music Composition and Recording

Music underscore can elicit emotion and establish the atmosphere of a story. We can provide music for your story using many different genres and instrumentation. If we can’t perform it, we are located in Nashville, TN – home to hundreds of incredibly talented musicians – with whom we collaborate to get the job done.

Many of our music compositions are a combination of music AND sound design – melding traditional instruments with electronic synthesis and processing.

Whether it’s a 30-second spot or a feature-length film, we can create a music track to help tell your story.

Re-Recording Mix

The mix is where all of the elements – dialogue, sound effects, foley, and music – are put together and the story comes to life.

Levels are balanced and panned to create an immersive experience for the audience and are usually the final step in the storytelling process.

We can deliver stereo and surround formats as well as all of the ever-expanding deliverable requirements for various platforms.